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Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery)

Everyone should try a Stout at least once. It puts some hair on your chest. Stouts are known for being dark and heavy, such as Guinness, and the more infamous Old Rasputin. Of course, not everyone likes them, but you should definitely try one. There are many different styles (like most beers): Irish, Imperial, Milk, Porter, Baltic Porter, the list goes on. So if you have never tried one, do your self a favor. Go to the closest store, and pick up a Guinness. We suggest Guinness, because you will be hard pressed to find a place that sells beer, and doesn’t sell Guinness. Also, it is a pretty solid stout, for what our opinion is worth. And if you don’t care about our opinion, what are you doing reading this blog?

So, all this talk of stouts brings us to our latest beer trial:

The Jazz of Beer

Apparently, this is what revolutionary Jazz tastes like.

Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew

(Dogfish Head Craft Brewery)
9% Alc/vol

A blend of Imperial stout, honey beer, and gesho root.

This dark, dark beer was inspired by famous jazz musician Miles Davis. From what he hear, he was a pretty chill guy, and his music created several sub-types of jazz. Now we aren’t music critics (or this blog would very, very confusing), but something has to be said about being so cool one of your albums gets turned into beer. So what does genre-changing taste like?

It looks like deliciousness, that’s for sure.

Jen: This beer is very heavy. It has really nice coffee flavors; they are almost an afterthought. As far as Imperial Stouts go, it’s one of the best I’ve had. I’m not really a huge Imperial stout lover, so that is saying something about this beer. But if I was in the mood, I might pick this baby up. It is not something I’d drink on a regular basis though.

James: In order to really enjoy this beer, you need to have a pretty big sweet tooth. Like most stouts, it sits very heavy on the tongue. There is an excellent undercurrent of coffee flavors.  It is a lot like a good dark chocolate- sweet and dark, but not really bitter or with any off-putting flavors. So, if you like dark chocolate, you will like this. If not- then you probably won’t.

Our over-all opinion on this brew is pretty simple: This is a great Imperial stout  (even though it isn’t pure stout), but don’t expect to see it as a constant in our beer stash.

If you want to see what the music is that lead to this brew:


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