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Stone IPA (Stone Brewing Company)

Welcome back! It’s been a while, but we haven’t been sitting on our butts! If fact, we are getting ready for a very special post, but that is for another time. Oh yes, it will come. For today, we have decided to bring you a style we haven’t visited yet. If you haven’t noticed already (but we are sure you have) the two of us tend to have very similar tastes in beer. Yes, we do like many of the same things. But that doesn’t mean we always like the same thing.  And us agreeing all the time makes for boring posts, doesn’t it? So today, let’s show you one of the top styles we completely disagree on:

The devil on the front tells you they aren't playing around.

The devil on the front tells you they aren’t playing around.

Stone IPA

(Stone Brewing Company)

6.9 % Alc/vol

Ahh, the India Pale Ale. The subject of many beer “discussions” between us. Don’t let the name fool you, it isn’t from India. In fact, it originated in 19th century England and was shipped primarily to India via the good ol’ East India Company traders. And thus it got it’s name. There are few variants of the IPA now, but for today, we’ll just stick with the original. For funsies, before you read ahead, take a moment to guess who you think liked it! (We have talked about it before, so no cheating!)

Mmm, that's some good head.

Does this look like a temptation to you?

Jen: This is a classic IPA. It has a strong hop smell, and there is lots of bitterness to it. There is a spiciness to it you can’t ignore, as well. Not hot spicy, flavor spicy. It is warm on your tongue, and goes down kicking. I don’t like it. In fact, I never have met an IPA I liked, and this has every reason why. The abundance of spicy hops makes it taste like pine trees smell. This beer is nothing but liquid hops to me. I feel like a lumberjack ate a moose, then peed in my mouth. The bitterness makes me feel like I ate raw acorns. I’m not a fan.

Yum, as bitter as Jen while she wrote her opinion.

Yum, as bitter as Jen while she wrote her opinion.

James: I was already a fan of Stone Brewing Company before I tried this. They are one of the first craft breweries I went out of my way to drink after I started drinking beer. If you are curious about IPAs, I suggest starting with this one. It is the sum total of a good IPA. Dry like ginger ale, bitter like a grapefruit’s aftertaste, and very strong in flavor. This is a beer that will explain in no uncertain terms what hops are. I like it. A lot.

That's some good head.

That’s some good head.

So, did you guess right? It probably wasn’t too difficult to figure out. IPAs are very popular right now among beer drinkers, so if you were curious, we suggest you try it out for yourself. We have met many people who have similar opinions to both of ours, so we can’t really say which one of us is the best judge here. Life is all about experiences, so don’t let us frighten you off if you want to try it! Swing on by your local beer store and see what they have in stock. If we don’t meet again before, have a great holiday, whatever it is you celebrate! There is a beer for every occasion! Tulleeho!


Kriek (Brouwerij Lindemans) Tastes like Spontaneity!

This time, we have cheated. Yes, shameful, I know. We deliberately picked a beer we are both intimately familiar with and feel needs more street cred. How will we live with ourselves? Pretty easily in fact. It’s frickin great.

Lindeman’s is a family owned brewery operating in the countryside south of Brussels in Belgium. Known around the world for their Lambic beer, they have an amazingly high quality product and you should feel ashamed if you have never heard of them. Lambics, are a family of beers (almost always flavored with fruit) that are brewed by exposing the mash or pre-fermented beer to the open air so it can make use of the wild yeast that exists naturally in the region. Coupled with hops that have been allowed to age and loose that almost piney taste most beers rely on, the end result is a sweet-sour marvel of balanced flavor that will almost literally force you to smile. This beer is one that I’m equally comfortable buying for myself or bringing along to almost any social event. No one in the history of ever has tasted this beer and said to me, “Naah, I’m just not into it.” It comes in several flavors; I can highly recommend the raspberry, but for the sake of brevity, tonight we are taste-scussing the cherry or Kriek.


It’s so FANCY!

Brouwerij Lindemans 

Kriek (Cherry)

3.5% alchohol/vol

The real reason Germany keeps invading Belgium.

Jen: It has a very sweet start but it makes your jaws clench when you take a sip once the tart flavor comes through. The cherry flavor isn’t overpowering but it doesn’t have that beer taste. It almost tastes like carbonated black cherry kool-aid with less syrupy sweetness and more of a tart kick you usually come to associate with a good cider.  This is one I could drink a lot of, also there are no off flavors that come in some sour beers. 10/10 would drink again, now give me your glass.


No Comment Necessary

James: Cherries. Cherries are what bring us together today. Cherries, that dream within a dream- ok, I’ll drop the extended reference. The point I want to drive home is that when drinking this even the most poised and iron willed person will have to suppress the urge to shout ‘OMG CHERRY WOOOH!’ I did it, Jen did it. Even my father had to struggle with the impulse. Where can I even begin? we usually write to try and describe the many different comings and goings of flavor in the beer we try but this is just simple, perfect and refreshing. It doesn’t even taste like a beer. Zero pine needley overtones that you get from hoppier variations of ales and lagers.  I strongly recommend it to those among you who are on the fence about this whole crazy thing we call beer.  Sweet, tangy, so full of flavor your mouth will feel like it’s cramping into a smile. And oh dear sweet lord…the cherries.


‘Insert Angelic Chorus’

So overall, We love it. We really, really love it. Go buy it. Now. Slainte!

Who Are We?

Hello! Guten Abend! Salve! Etc, Etc.  Have you ever looked up beer reviews, but found them too pretentious for your liking? Have you ever just wondered what a beer tastes like? Well then this is the blog for you!

Forget fancy terms that no one but the snobs understand, forget obscure geographical references, this is the beer lovers’ guide to beer. We explain all the terms. We explain why beer is awesome (or not so awesome).  HINT: Only Michelob fans will be unwelcome here. Love us, hate us, we are too buzzed to care. All that matters is the beer.

And that is what you will get from us. We drink beer, we post about it. We might throw some pictures in there. Whatever. Cheers!

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