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Wild Blue (Anheuser-Busch)

Every once in a while, you get the desire for something a little different. You love your usual, but you kinda want to change it up a bit. You want to stroll up to your beer isle, take a look around, and pick up something that you aren’t quite sure about, but what the heck, you’ll give it a shot. Maybe you want something that isn’t too dark. Maybe you want something that has a little fruit in it. Maybe you wanna anonymously send us a nice big check for being awesome.  That is what we were thinking a few days ago. We had been on a bit of a dark beer binge, and we needed something a little refreshing. Plus, the day of feasting was arriving, and we needed something that would go well. So we strolled into our nearest Central Market, took a look at the shelves, and found today’s beer. Are you intrigued?

A Bottle of Wild Blue

The Blue Bull Dog on the front gives it a bit of street cred.

Wild Blue
8.0 % Alc/vol

This blueberry lager stared at us, beckoning us to drink it. So we did. We drank all of it.

Jen: At first, it tastes a little bit like a blueberry soda. Then, after you swallow, you get a hint of beer taste. What I mean is that malty aftertaste that many people get while drinking a beer. The flavor is very relaxed. It is a good beer to drink while hanging out; It is very drinkable, no sipping like some of the other beers we have reviewed. I like it. The blueberry flavor isn’t too strong, but neither is it hoppy. However, I can see this as a beer that not everyone will enjoy. Not in a “people will hate it way.”  More like some people just…. won’t care for it. But I do care for it.

A nice cherry-colored head

You are staring into it, And It is staring at you.

James: Usually beers flavored with fruit can feel like taking a risk. Frequently (though this blog shows, not always), they are syrupy and chemical flavored. This beer is just sweet enough to be enjoyable, but not cloying. There is no hops taste at all and only the slightest hint of malt at the end of each sip.While no one will become passionate devotees of this one, it’s mature and respectful treatment of my taste buds makes me respect it as a good fruit beer and not some over sweet woo-juice.

A Frosty Glass of Wild Blue

It looks a lot darker than it tastes.

So overall, we enjoyed this beer. It is good for when you want a sweet pick-up. Or if you want  something a little different, but not a crazy intense different.  Give it a shot, and let us know what you think! Kanpai!


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