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We like beer, not big words.

Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale (Boulevard Brewing Company)

Ah, Farmhouse Ales. The name is reminiscent of that musky horse smell, hay under your feet, and heat that sticks to your skin; Doesn’t sound very palatable, does it? Well, shake all thoughts of disgusting out of your pretty little head. How about I give you a fancier name? Does saison make you feel better? Good. Now we can get to business. Farmhouse Ales ( or “saison“- pronounced say-sohn ) at one point were brewed in a farmhouse. They were brewed in autumn and winter and stored until late summer, so the farmers would have something to drink during the harvest. These days, they are brewed whenever, and wherever the brewer chooses to keep them. They come from the French speaking part of Belgium, but they are 100% awesome. And isn’t that all that counts? So lets explore our latest Belgian adventure, shall we?

Tank 7

Even the label looks rustic and farm-y.

Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale
Boulevard Brewing Company
8.0% Alc/vol

We picked up this straw-colored ale at a local grocery store, on a whim. We were thirsty, and it was there. Our previous experience with Boulevard Brewing Company went pretty well, so we trusted them enough to give them another shot. Did they earn our trust a second time?

A Glass of Tank 7

That wasn’t a bad pour, it really has that much head.

Jen: The first thing that hits you when you pour a glass is that it has a very hoppy smell. I’m not particularly fond of beer with strong hops in them, so I was a little weary. When you take a sip, it firsts tastes very sharp, with a hint of citrus. Not like an orange or lemon flavor; It just has a very citrus-like quality to it. It kind of tingles your nose too. There is also a spicy a spicy taste to it, but when you are swallowing you get a kick of bitterness at the end. It is similar to an Indian Pale Ale, only I like this.

Like Two Beer Testicles.

We “reluctantly” put this beer to the test.

James: One neat quality of this beer is that the flavors hit you in waves. The first thing you are aware of is the menthol-yness of the hops, and the spicy undertones. As it rolls over your tongue (my pretentious alarm is ringing), you can literally taste the beer change in a matter of seconds. The impressive malty after tones is a pleasant surprise to those who don’t like being bludgeoned over the head with hops. Unlike Jen, I don’t taste any citrus but it does have a light,. dry quality to it. Long story short, this beer set us to arguing over who got to finish the bottle.

This beer really surprised us. We figured it wouldn’t be terrible, but we liked it a lot more than we thought we would. Also, an interesting find was that we each tasted different things than the other while we were drinking it. This is a year round beer, so if you are feeling for something a little heavier on the hops than usual, but not as much as say, an IPA, give it a shot! Sláinte!


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