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Kriek (Brouwerij Lindemans) Tastes like Spontaneity!

This time, we have cheated. Yes, shameful, I know. We deliberately picked a beer we are both intimately familiar with and feel needs more street cred. How will we live with ourselves? Pretty easily in fact. It’s frickin great.

Lindeman’s is a family owned brewery operating in the countryside south of Brussels in Belgium. Known around the world for their Lambic beer, they have an amazingly high quality product and you should feel ashamed if you have never heard of them. Lambics, are a family of beers (almost always flavored with fruit) that are brewed by exposing the mash or pre-fermented beer to the open air so it can make use of the wild yeast that exists naturally in the region. Coupled with hops that have been allowed to age and loose that almost piney taste most beers rely on, the end result is a sweet-sour marvel of balanced flavor that will almost literally force you to smile. This beer is one that I’m equally comfortable buying for myself or bringing along to almost any social event. No one in the history of ever has tasted this beer and said to me, “Naah, I’m just not into it.” It comes in several flavors; I can highly recommend the raspberry, but for the sake of brevity, tonight we are taste-scussing the cherry or Kriek.


It’s so FANCY!

Brouwerij Lindemans 

Kriek (Cherry)

3.5% alchohol/vol

The real reason Germany keeps invading Belgium.

Jen: It has a very sweet start but it makes your jaws clench when you take a sip once the tart flavor comes through. The cherry flavor isn’t overpowering but it doesn’t have that beer taste. It almost tastes like carbonated black cherry kool-aid with less syrupy sweetness and more of a tart kick you usually come to associate with a good cider.  This is one I could drink a lot of, also there are no off flavors that come in some sour beers. 10/10 would drink again, now give me your glass.


No Comment Necessary

James: Cherries. Cherries are what bring us together today. Cherries, that dream within a dream- ok, I’ll drop the extended reference. The point I want to drive home is that when drinking this even the most poised and iron willed person will have to suppress the urge to shout ‘OMG CHERRY WOOOH!’ I did it, Jen did it. Even my father had to struggle with the impulse. Where can I even begin? we usually write to try and describe the many different comings and goings of flavor in the beer we try but this is just simple, perfect and refreshing. It doesn’t even taste like a beer. Zero pine needley overtones that you get from hoppier variations of ales and lagers.  I strongly recommend it to those among you who are on the fence about this whole crazy thing we call beer.  Sweet, tangy, so full of flavor your mouth will feel like it’s cramping into a smile. And oh dear sweet lord…the cherries.


‘Insert Angelic Chorus’

So overall, We love it. We really, really love it. Go buy it. Now. Slainte!


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2 thoughts on “Kriek (Brouwerij Lindemans) Tastes like Spontaneity!

  1. I’m a fan of all the Lindemans’s lambics except for the Cassis (black currant). If I could only have one flavor, it’d be the framboise (frahm-BWAHZ), but they’re all pretty yummy, including the one without the fruit flavor, the geuze, which I don’t actually know how to pronounce correctly. 🙂 It’s just sort of a smooth, sour brew that I think highlights what makes a lambic a lambic, but is more of an acquired taste.

    If you like this style, I think it’s worthwhile to find your local, well-stocked beverage place, like Mr. G’s (, and try other brands of lambics as well. Timmermans comes to mind. I’d love it if some of the more traditional lambics were available, too, but it’s hard to go wrong with a bottle of Lindemans Framboise or Pêche and some (Belgian) chocolate as a house-warming gift!

    (By the way, when introducing this style to people in print, I always makes sure they get the pronunciation so they can sound suave at their next cocktail party: lahm-BEEK.)

    Nice review, guys!

    • Thanks! We love them all! The framboise is definitely our favorite too, but the Kriek (creek) is a close second.
      Oh, and there are a couple different ways to pronounce geuze, but from what I understand it is mostly pronounce “gooz-uh” or “ger-zeh”. We are huge fans of sours and have tried several different kinds. But that will be another post 😉
      We do plan on adding posts talking about what makes each style of beer, and how to pronounce them all, etc. Thanks for reading!

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