Two Idiots' Guide To Beer

We like beer, not big words.

Who Are We?

Hello! Guten Abend! Salve! Etc, Etc.  Have you ever looked up beer reviews, but found them too pretentious for your liking? Have you ever just wondered what a beer tastes like? Well then this is the blog for you!

Forget fancy terms that no one but the snobs understand, forget obscure geographical references, this is the beer lovers’ guide to beer. We explain all the terms. We explain why beer is awesome (or not so awesome).  HINT: Only Michelob fans will be unwelcome here. Love us, hate us, we are too buzzed to care. All that matters is the beer.

And that is what you will get from us. We drink beer, we post about it. We might throw some pictures in there. Whatever. Cheers!


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